The Tea Appreciation Society

There’s no beverage quite like tea that so unites Steampunks. I’ve spent many a wonderful meeting sharing tea and discussion with many of my favorite Steampunks. Tea brings us together and encourages sharing and dialogue. It is, in many ways, vital to Steampunk interaction outside of the internet.

Knowing that tomorrow is International Have a Nice Cup of Tea Day, I wanted to bring to your attention one of my favorite tea organizations: the Tea Appreciation Society.

Founded in 2007, the Tea Appreciation Society is a worldwide collective of tea lovers. According to their About Us section, the Society is for people who believe that tea is more that simply a beverage:

The Tea Appreciation Society satisfies our desires to do some good both ethically and environmentally, allowing us to champion philanthropic attitudes to business, and work with various charities.

Our philosophy: As a worldwide collective of individuals we celebrate the love of tea, community, and the creative human spirit.

We are tea drinkers, our passion for celebrating community, art and the creative spirit fuels our desire to make the world a better place to enjoy.

Tea offers us an opportunity for quiet contemplation and shared moments of intimacy with friends, enabling us to reflect, be inspired and create.

That’s why we appreciate the tea.

And I think that’s precisely why many Steampunks appreciate tea as well! If you want more information on the Society’s philosophy, please explore the Tea Appreciation Society’s Manifesto, a beautifully tea stained document detailing the Society’s mission. Make sure to enlarge it fully, else you’ll find it very hard to read.

So today, tomorrow, and any day you wish, reflect on the memories and inspiration a cup of tea has brought you. Here’s to many more.

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