Kitchen Sync

Thankfully, the Steampunk aesthetic is not one of those looks you can find when you open up a home decorating magazine where everything is already prescribed. Steampunk home design and decor, like all aspects of Steampunk, is about incorporating one’s personal Steampunk aesthetic into the unifying look and personal preference for the aesthetic balance of Steam and Punk.

There are many bits and pieces that have been created to assist with the achievement of a particular look. If you aren’t an interior designer, but looking to do some remodeling, though, it can be somewhat difficult finding a place to start.

Fortunately, there is Kitchen Sync to the rescue. This blog by Kelly Morisseau, a CMKBD (Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer), and a CID (Certified Interior Designer) features some of the best in kitchen and bathroom designs. There’s lots of good stuff here on its own, but what makes Kitchen Sync special is that every Sunday she does a series called Steampunk Sundays.

Check out her latest post on various plumbing pieces to get an idea for what to expect from her posts.

So, if you’re thinking about redoing a room or an entire house into your version of the Steampunk aesthetic, do drop by the Kitchen Sync on Sundays for some great inspiration. Who knows, you might even find that perfect piece to complete the look you’ve been trying to achieve.