The Journal of Neo-Victorian Studies

As someone who studied a wide swath of disciplines in the liberal arts, there’s very little that can surprise me with regard to topics of study. Heck, one of the greatest papers of my college career was an anthropology paper on the cultural reinterpretations of Guy Fawkes and the holiday he inspired (and that paper, by the way, was epic!). The fact that I was able to read graphic novels and watch movies as part of “academic research” was, and still is, pretty lultastic to me.

Yes, it got to the point where it seemed almost everything had some sort of academic following behind it. And now, you can add Steampunk to that ever expanding topics of study.

The Journal for Neo-Victorian Studies has recently published its latest journal, and the entire thing focuses on Steampunk. The ENTIRE thing.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I spent many late nights chuckling to myself as I typed up papers of the most random topics imaginable knowing full well I was going to make an awesome grade because my papers were just that epic.

“This is going to be so ridiculously awesome they are going to have to give me an A on this! Mwahaha!”                 – College Audelia

So now we can include Steampunk to that list of ridiculously awesome things on which college students can get away with writing term papers. Cultural anthropologists and curious Steampunks alike will likely have a field day with this publication. Please go to the Journal for Neo-Victorian Studies‘s webpage to download the journal and peruse it at your leisure.