20 Obsolete Words

Anyone who has had to study for a post high school entrance exam such as the SAT or GRE knows the frustration of memorizing vocabulary words. Though some of these words might be useful in everyday conversation, many of the words on study lists are entirely too obscure and are rarely used for anything other than as questions on these annoying required exams. I’m quite convinced that some of these words were made up solely for the purpose of destroying the souls of college hopefuls.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan of standardized testing, or of vocabulary that doesn’t succeed in communicating a message to one’s audience. But if you are among strangers and want to confuse the hell out of them, or you have a Steampunk “character” that you play whose jargon hasn’t been updated by modern exposure, today’s article may be able to help you in your venture.

20 Obsolete English Words that Should Make a Comeback by Heather Carreiro is an article at Matador Abroad that features 20 words that have fallen out of fashion, but that the writer feels could be resurrected and have a special place in modern linguistics. To the right Steampunk, this article could be just the thing for putting the finishing touches on a character they are acting or writing in a piece of fiction.

I’m sure some of you will deliciate corrading some new words from this article. Just don’t come running to me if your friends kench at your ludibrious vocabulary.