Sepiachord Companion: A Review

While I was at Steamcon II, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. Jordan Bodewell of Sepiachord in person who I interviewed the month previous. When he wasn’t overwhelmingly busy running all the live music at Steamcon, Jordan was kind enough to chat with me a bit Sepiachord. After sending me A Sepiachord Passport, he wanted to be sure that I got the opportunity to experience Sepiachord’s first album, The Sepiachord Companion.

This album, Sepiachord’s first compilation, is an incredible collection of retrofuturistic music. Listening to this album is like attending the Steamcon II Cabaret all over again. Many of my favorites are on this album, and there’s a few new artists that The Companion has exposed me to that I have to further explore. If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend Steamcon, listening to The Sepiachord Companion gives you just a tiny slice of how awesome the cabaret was, and just how amazing this genre is.

Unlike most albums, there really was not a bad track on this album. The entire album is an enjoyable and unique listening experience.

Within the album in a note to listeners, Mr. Bodewell writes that he hopes that this album serves as the beginning of the listener’s venture into exploring the music that Sepiachord embraces. I can only express the same hope to each of you. There are so many talented artists on the Companion… you are sure to find a new favorite here, regardless of your musical tastes.

To purchase the album, please visit Rodentia Music, and to learn more about Sepiachord and the great work they are doing, please visit their website.

Important: It has come to my attention that Mr. Bodewell has run into a medical issue for which he finds himself unable to fully pay. To afford his own healthcare, Mr. Bodewell is preparing for the possibility of having to terminate his internet connection and hosting contracts that keep Sepiachord live and updated daily.

Losing such a fantastic publication like Sepiachord that so unabashedly gives back to the Steampunk community would be a severe detriment to retrofuturistic music everywhere… not just in Seattle. Please, in Jordan’s time of need, please consider donating to Sepiachord to keep the blog alive. Visit their website and click the Help Support button.