Miluira Electric Runabout

There’s a new electric car that’s soon to hit the market that’s sure to get the engines racing of both Steam and Dieselpunks alike.

Oh shiny!

Meet the Miluira, an electric roadster that’s a perfect car for any Steampunk who needs the aesthetic to extend the vehicle they drive. I have to admit, when I saw this car, I wanted it.

But then I saw the price. Priced at $76,010 USD (6,300,000 Yen), the Miluira is definitely out of my budget, especially one that’s top speed is 37 MPH. Personally, I’d have a hard time spending that much money on a car whether I had the money or not, but that doesn’t stop the car from being complete awesome to look at despite its impracticality.

To see more of the Miluira, check out their website.