Andrew Chase Scupltures

NDI Gallery is an online gallery of the very best in the world of recycled material as art and aims to promote public awareness of recycled assemblage art. There’s a lot of impressive artwork here all created from the recycling ethic that many Steampunks value, but one artist’s work within NDI is of particular interest to Steampunks everywhere: Andrew Chase.

According to his bio on NDI:

Andrew is a self-employed commercial photographer, furniture maker, welder as well as a highly talented assemblage artist. His breathtaking collection of mechanical animals was created using an assortment of recycled automobile and plumbing parts. Each fully articulated animal takes between 80 and 120 hours to complete.

These mechanical animals are nothing short of impressive. Here’s one of an elephant:

And here’s a cheetah:

There’s an entire menagerie of animals in Andrew Chase’s collection. You can see many of them at his website here.