Steam Trombone

I recently found this blog post by David Malki ! (with the exclamation point, mind you), a fellow Steamcon II attendee and creator of the Wondermark comics, that I thought was so entirely outrageous (but true nonetheless!) that I just had to share it with you all. Apparently, back in 1890, someone thought it was a great idea to create a steam driven trombone. The concept itself is pretty hilarious, but the article from the New York Times back in 1890 has some of the best descriptions of this device… well, I think you’ll just need to read it yourself.

And, while you are over at the Wondermark Comics blog, do check out David Malki’s ! blog. New comics come out every Tuesday and Friday. Click the comic below to view the posting from December 14th:

What’s particularly interesting about these comics is that Wondermark is created from 19th-Century woodcuts and engravings, scanned from Malki’s ! personal collection of old books and also from volumes in the Los Angeles Central Library.

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