Game Giveaway – Mechanism 3

In an effort to help you pinch the most out of those pennies this holiday season, I’d like to bring to your attention two free download websites, Give Away Of the Day, and Game Give Away Of the Day. These websites offer a new piece of software or game that can be downloaded for free on the particular day to which it is posted.

Today’s Game Give Away Of the Day is a Steampunk inspired physics based game called Mechanism 3.

The following is the developers introduction to the game (edited):

Mechanism 3 is the third instalment in the Mechanism physics-based puzzle series inspired by Splitter, which is available for the PC,Mac and soon the iPad, where players cut an incredible variety of shapes to save the world from time collapse. Immersed in a steampunk world with stunning visual design, Mechanism is pure eye candy. And with 80 unique levels and level-editor, we’ve packed in hours of entertaining and addictive fun.

So today, enjoy some Steampunk gaming freebies from Game Give Away of the Day, and be sure to check back often. They seem to have a decent offering of Steampunk influenced games for your daily entertainment.