The Revolution Will Not be Telegraphed

There are those rare occasions when a slightly less overt approach to Steampunk fashion is more desirous than adventuring in a full bustle skirt and corset. For a Steampunk lady liberated from cumbersome attire but still wishing to express that Steampunk edge, there’s still plenty of options. The airship mechanic look, for example, tends to be quite mobile and casual.

Sometimes, though, I just really want a tee shirt to knock about in, and on those occasions, I really wish I had this shirt:

This tee shirt, reading “The Revolution Will Not be Telegraphed” is a reference to the poem and song “The Revolution Will Not be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron. If you’ve never heard the source material, I high recommend you check it out here. I love the socio-political commentary in the source material, and as someone who believes that Steampunk is political, the cultural cross-over in this shirt is pretty squee worthy to me.

You can purchase the tee shirt and other shirts from TopatoCo.