In Praise of Idleness and Tea

Around the globe today, many are celebrating Christmas. It’s an opportunity for many to spend time with loved ones and enjoy that company. For others, it’s just another day.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is Saturday. And today, I’d like to encourage my readers to take the day to relax. This film by the Tea Appreciation Society entitled, “In Praise of Idleness and Tea,” was created as a tribute to tea’s ability to slow us down, to encourage us to pause for moments of reflection and introspection.

Sometimes we get caught up in the dizzying whirl of life. We get swept away by to-do lists and demands from work that makes us neglect what we truly care about. This year, I’ve been particularly guilty of putting aside the things and people I care about for demands from things and people who don’t necessarily care about me. It’s a terrible habit, and its hardly a way to live a life.

In the waning days of 2011, I’d like to encourage you, my dear reader, to indulge in some personal idleness with a cup of tea (or other steamy beverage of choice). Now is a great time to consider what adventures you would like to embark on in the approaching new year on this last weekend before 2011.

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2 comments on “In Praise of Idleness and Tea

  1. Larry says:

    The video and your words a wonderful. We forget that the great ancient philosophers and the Wisdom Traditions of the world teach about the importance of exactly what you wrote: “moments of reflection and introspection.” Our lives are so busy we go from the cradle to grave without truly living.

  2. Luciano says:

    Very nice indeed. I always try to find a half an hour per day to have a “cuppa” and reflect.

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