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Outside opinions of the Steampunk aesthetic and subculture always fascinates me. From those who hate it, to those who have experienced Steampunk for the first time and fallen in love, that element of first exposure always serves to illuminate who and what we are and are not about. Insight can be found even in outside misinterpretation and outright dislike.

Today’s featured article, though, is an interesting take of the Steampunk Form and Function Exhibit taking place in Waltham, MA at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation from the eyes of an outsider, and the writer’s impression is a positive one.

Gary Sullivan of Sharon, Massachusetts, and his Trans Foraminal Image Perambulator.

Antiques + Contemporary Technology = Steampunk by Jeanne Schinto explains the connection between antiques and contemporary Steampunk. She also does a great job of explaining some of Steampunk’s roots, making this article a great one to show people who are interested in learning more about how Steampunk came about. It’s something of a lengthy article, but a very interesting read for those wanted to learn more about Steampunk.

Mantel/wall clock by Roger Wood of Klockwerks, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada