Abney Park Needs Your Help!

A few nights ago, I received the following missive from Captain Robert. Abney Park needs your help!


2009 – Trouble Hits

Two years ago, we were putting the finishing touches on our album Aether Shanties, and our studio computer had a melt down. I came into the studio, found a blue screen of death waiting for me. Because of this crash we lost countless amazing recordings, and performances, I had to spend hundreds of dollars on bringing the guest musicians back to re-record their parts, etc. We basically had to rerecord the album again from scratch.

2010 – Trouble Returns

Since we are but poor wandering musicians, we basically patched that computer back together with some duck tape, and an old piece of chewing gum we found stuck to the bottom of one of Nathaniel’s boots.

It held together, sort of…until just before our latest album, The End Of Days was done. The computer started showing errors again, slowly down, rebooting took several attempts…and it final crashes again! But this time, it crashed just AFTER I spent it to mastering producer – after we were done.

Present Day

So I’ve started writing the next album, and the computer is crashing AGAIN. All day, everyday. So we’ve got to do something.


So here is what I’m going to do, we are going to have a one week sale to raise money for a new studio computer.

  • For every purchase made this week (1/10 – 1/16) I will send you a coupon for one free album download!
  • Every CD sold this week, Kristina and I will autograph at no additional charge! (typically autographed CD’s sell for $30 or more from our site) Here is a great opportunity to get a full set of autographed CDs!

Already have everything, but still want to help? Go here, and you can make a donation.

So, if you need some new Abney park music, go ahead and visit their store and get lots of goodies so that they can make more albums.

And honestly, I hope this is the last crisis I have to report on for a least a little while. Here’s hoping for some smooth sailing in the Steampunk world once Abney Park gets their computer back up and running.

One comment on “Abney Park Needs Your Help!

  1. SteamIsYourFriend says:

    FIRST, clone the hard drive or copy the data off of the hard drive! If there is anything of value (i.e. hours of recordings), copy the data off to another hard drive, or clone it (if it is readable, but not accessable).

    Second, identify if the problem is the hard drive or a corruption of the operating system. In either case, step 1 is most important.

    Third, devise a backup plan. Regardless of the current situation and its outcome, figure out what you need, and determine what you need.

    I am available for consultation, regarding my third point, but prior experience tells me that any data recovery is a matter of pure luck.

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