The Best in Steampunk Blogs

Because so much of the Steampunk community is based on the internet, there’s a considerable amount of blogs floating around in the aether. But some are particularly outstanding and contribute to the community within their own focus. Today’s post is a tribute to their hard work, a bit of recognition for the best in Steampunk blogs, as picked by me.  These blogs are true resources to the Steampunk community, from the veterans to newcomers, which gives unparalleled insight into the subculture.

Sepiachord– written by Mr. Jordan Bodewell, Jennifer Dowling, Marcy Monroe, C. Lee Vermeers, Lauren Goldberg, and Matthew the stowaway. Sepiachord brings what now has to be thousands of musicians to the attention of the Steampunk community. Their Sepiachord Song of the Day, interviews, and CD reviews provide a valuable resource to uniting an independent and worldwide retrofuturistic music scene.

Steam Fashion at Live Journal– written by the contributing members of the community. Steam Fashion is created by of contributors who love Steampunk fashion. It’s a great resource for those learning about Steampunk fashion or wishing to show off their latest ensembles and outfits. There’s also lots of makers who post their latest merchandise available for purchase.

Captain Robert’s Live Journal– written by Captain Robert of Abney Park. So many people that are now into Steampunk were brought into the lifestyle by Captain Robert and Abney Park. Captain Robert’s blog is a hub for insightful articles and posts that casts a wide and accepting net across the definition of Steampunk. No matter what your view of Steampunk, from cosplay to lifestyle and everything in between, Captain Robert’s blog is sure to be of interest to you.

Parliament and Wake– written by James Schafer and Kate Franklin. Parliament and Wake is on the cutting edge of web published fiction in the Steampunk genre. It’s a series of uncompleted books that takes place on the Edges – fantastical worlds that exist just beyond our perception. The stories are unique and definitely worth visiting often for a different take on Steampunk fiction.

Art and Gadetry
Steampunk Workshop– written by Jake Von Slatt and Meredith Scheff. Right behind Captain Robert, Jake Von Slatt’s work in functional Steampunk art brings many into the fold with the undeniable draw of the “ooh, shineys” he creates. His blog highlights his creations, his personal Steampunk adventures and philosophy, and goings on in the Steampunk community at large. For Steampunk makers, the Steampunk Workshop is an absolute must for frequent visitation.

Home Decor
Steampunk Home– written by Sara Brumfield. Those who dream of taking their love of Steampunk to the next level and remodeling their home in the aesthetic need not look any further than the Steampunk Home for inspiration. Featuring home décor from artists around the world and pieces for every aspect of home modification, this blog finds the very best in a variety of Steampunk styles.

6 comments on “The Best in Steampunk Blogs

  1. Larry says:

    Shortly after I learned of steampunk I found Vonslatt’s “Steampunk Workshop” blog and I was hooked.

  2. dustdaughter says:

    I am a fan of BeyondVictoriana. They look at steampunk from a refreshingly different point of view.

  3. dustdaughter says:

    Just started looking into Parliament and Wake. This site is fantastic! Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  4. Louise Curtis says:

    Wow, thank you! I’m in the research phase of my first steampunk novel, and this is really handy. I’m also enjoying which mixes writing talk and beautiful steampunk stuff.

    Louise Curtis (who has a bit of steampunk stuff on her site, but not enough. . . not yet)

  5. Lisa says:

    Ohh, thank you for this list!

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