Wooden Steampunk Lamp

It’s been a while since I posted an Instructable, so today’s is a DIY project for a Steampunk lamp created by elco_chan.

This project is really neat because it uses the wooden gears on the side as the dimmer switch for the light. Very creative!

This is a pretty involved project, and you need a respectable amount of woodworking tools to get the final project as pictured above, but it’s a neat little lamp you can create. If it was my lamp, I’d add some finishing touches like painting the socket with some brass leaf paint and perhaps staining the wood to a nice dark cherry or mahogany.

And if you’re envious of his carved gears but don’t necessarily want to make this lamp, you’ll find the Gear Template Generator he used to be especially helpful for your other Steampunk pursuits.

And, if you like elco_chan’s lamp project, make sure to check back with him on occasion. He’s already promised another Steampunk instructable in the near future.

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  1. Nan Braun says:

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