Graphic 45

I’m currently in the process of getting rid of a large portion of my worldly possessions. Nearly everything is up for sale and donation as I get ready to relocate… well, almost everything. My Steampunk gear and my books are the only items being spared in The Great Purge.

I am, after all, a true bibliophile and I adore the written word. I think, though, that I’m also in love with paper… the texture, the smell… there’s nothing quite like holding quality paper.

Which is why I wish I hadn’t discovered today’s site until after my move, because I want these prints! Gah!

Graphic 45 is a scrapbooking and papercraft company that offers a plethora of awesome vintage printed paper for your Steam and Dieselpunk art projects. They even have a special Steampunk Debutante line that is positively irresistible.

While you can’t order this paper as an individual customer, you can use Graphic 45’s Store Locator to find a retailer nearby that carries the paper. Field trip, yay!

2 comments on “Graphic 45

  1. I actually just finished making a necklace recently that uses this paper. 😀

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