Steampunk Archetypes

When writing fiction, characters fall into different Archetypes. Regardless of the quirks and specifics of a particular character to any given story, there are certain defining features to his personality and his role within that story that clumps them into a specific Character Archetype. Archetypal characters appear in all the worlds stories; they are truly universal.

Certain archetypes appear more often in certain pieces of writing than in others, and as Steampunk fiction becomes a more developed and explored genre, it is no surprise that certain archetypes have begun to develop.

STEAMED! has written an excellent article on Archetypes specific to the Steampunk fiction genre. Many of these come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the genre, such as the Airship Pirate of the Street Sparrow. Many of the character roles are rather specific to, but almost universal within, the Steampunk genre. Brief descriptions of each role flesh out the list and get those creative juices flowing.

So for those of you writing Steampunk fiction, this may be a valuable resource in planning your characters. Just remember that the punk in Steampunk is all about breaking the mold and doing the unexpected, so don’t feel as if this is the only listen of characters that can fit into a fine Steampunk work.