A Case of Do or Die’s Shop

A while back, I featured this artwork on my blog:

And I said unto myself, “If only I could buy these prints because they are awesome. But there is no store, so I cannot. Woe is me.” *cry face*

Thus the people over at A Case of Do or Die did hear my lamentations.

And lo, there was a great writing of codes and cipher, and from the aether the A Case of Do or Die’s Shop sprang forth! My wish being granted, I thus danced the sacred Happy Dance.

“I shall blog of this so all shall know of this great triumph,” said I.

And so it was.

3 comments on “A Case of Do or Die’s Shop

  1. Larry says:

    Love it.

  2. Louise Curtis says:


  3. Nathaniel Johnstone says:

    And there was great rejoicing across the land.

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