Steampunk Portable Harddrive Case

I’ve been spending more time than usual on Instructables admiring all the projects that are starting to stack up as tinkering takes a back seat to packing up my most prized effects and selling everything else.

One thing I won’t be selling is my portable hard drive. It’s my computer’s lifeline should something horrific happen to it. It sits in a rather boring protective case that looks a lot like this:

Very fancy, I know.

But to be honest, I’d never really thought to redesign my hardrive case… I mean, there’s so many more things that need modifications before my case does.

But, if you happen to be at that stage in your Steampunk life where you need to start modding things like your hardrive case, I would like to offer up this Instructable:

This awesome mod is brought to you by nevets_mcd.