It goes without saying that kilts are more than simply acceptable fashion when it comes to the Steampunk wardrobe. And a while back, I featured Seattle kilt makers Utilikilt who do a splendid job of proclaiming the manliness of kilts.

So, you’ve finally decided that you’re manly enough for a kilt? Congratulations! It’s important for any Steampunk gentleman looking to purchase a kilt to know that while Utilikilts are, without a doubt awesome, for those looking for a garment with a bit more unique flair, Alt.Kilts is a great place to explore when doing your kilt shopping.

Stainless Steel Armored Kilt: Black heavy cotton kilt with silver contrast stitching, a dual cargo pocket with silver box latches and featuring recycled stainless steel panels with the Alt.Kilt logo.

Alt.Kilt was created by Regina Davan and has been making handmade, custom kilts for 5 years now for all sorts of occasions. She even makes Steampunk kilts and fashions for women as well, so there’s something neat for everyone here. Be sure to check them out!

4 comments on “Alt.Kilt

  1. Nathaniel Johnstone says:

    The world needs more kilts!

  2. Benny says:

    I have 3 Alt.Kilts and I LOVE them!

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