Mini Top Hat Tutorial

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of mini top hats. Not because they aren’t cute or attractive, mind you, but because I feel they call too much attention to the fact that I’m tiny to begin with.

But for some (probably most) people, mini top hats are absolutely adorable. There’s plenty of people who are able to wear them with far more grace than myself. And for those people, I give you today’s tutorial for making mini top hats.

This tutorial featured on the Offbeat Bride blog is awesome because it features step by step instructions for making your own hat. The hats are really inexpensive to make, affording you the chance to make many hats for every possible outfit you desire, and decorate said hats in precisely your style of Steampunk.

Offbeat Bride gets lots of good points in my book, especially for their section dedicated to DIY projects for your wedding. So, if you happen to be planning for your big day, be sure to pay them a visit. And even if you aren’t, many of you will still be interested in some of their DIY projects like how to make a sewing pattern out of existing clothing or this one on how to make beaded flowers.