Steampunk Dice

This one time in college, I played an awesome D&D campaign. I was a Doppelganger Rogue and went around pwning everything. My character had a reputation for being ridiculously epic, because I always seemed to roll ungodly well. I knew why, though.

I had blessed dice.

It’s true! An ancient game master in Indianapolis who owned the store where my dice were purchased blessed them so they would always roll in my favor. And with those dice I proceeded to do all sorts of unimaginably awesome things because 1. I was a Doppelganger and no one in my party knew it (in and out game) and 2. I could get away with anything because my dice let me.

I’ll never give up those dice. Even in the fury of last week’s sale of all my worldly possessions, they were saved and will be making the trip up to Seattle with me in just two weeks.

But that’s not to say I couldn’t add to my collection of sacred dice… and I’ve already got my next set picked out:


These dice are almost as epic as my D&D skillz. But unfortunately, it seems they only come in D6s and D20s right now. How am I supposed to play a short sword wielding rogue without some D8s?

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  1. Chaz Kemp says:

    These dice look amazing! A lot of work went into making them to be sure but the price tag is a little prohibitive. (The d20 is close to $20 if you want the brass tint) They are quite cool though, I have to say.

    My girlfriend and I are still discussing these and trying to figure out a way to convince ourselves that it’d be worth the price. lol. Thanks for the great post!
    – Chaz –
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