Counter-Clockwise: The Past, Present and Future of Portland Steampunk

Last month, when SF Gate picked out their Top Five Places to Enjoy Steampunk, I expressed some surprise over the fact that Portland, OR went completely unrecognized. I’ve yet to make the journey to Portland, but when my infatuation for Seattle came up in conversation while I was there, people consistently told me, “If you like Seattle, you’ll love Portland.”

I could help but wonder why. What made Portland so outstanding in the eyes of all those Seattle Steampunks?

While I’m sure I won’t be able to fully grasp how neat Portland really is without visiting there myself, a recently published article on Portland’s Steampunk scene Counter-Clockwise: The Past, Present and Future of Portland Steampunk, starts to illuminate why so many of my friends in Seattle love Portland.

Rose City Steampunk birthday celebration at Lone Fir Cemetery. Photo: Mrs. Sullivan

In addition to calling my attention to this article, Mrs. Mary Lou Sullivan (featured in the article), informed me of a Yahoo Group for the Steampunks of Portland, the Rose City Steampunks Yahoo group. And, if you have suddenly found Portland Steampunk to your liking, I would like to encourage you to consider going out to the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival, which will be coming up on Feb. 13 at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland.

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