There’s a lot of really impressive iProduct mods out there. For those who are particularly skilled it the art of modification, these devices are some of the first things that have to be Steampunked. And why not? We spend so much time with our iPhones, iPads, and iPods that it makes sense that these things need to be redone in a steamier aesthetic.

But, if you’re like me, you aren’t the most talented with the modification of items, and applying that inexperience to an expensive piece of technology sounds anxiety inducing, then allow me to introduce a simple way to modify at least one piece of the iProduct continuum, the 2nd gen iPod Touch.

This GelaSkin is 14.99 USD and ships for free within the United States. While it isn’t as beautiful or impressive as many of the handmade modifications I’ve seen done by Steampunks much more talented in that respect than myself, the skin does do a nice job of covering the appalling glossy veneer of the iPod.

On the plus side, this is also unlikely to void your warranty.

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  1. Matthew Goldey says:

    Happy Birthday to Jules Verne today!

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