The Gypsy Nomads are No More!

The Gypsy Nomads were one of my favorite bands I had the pleasure of being introduced to and experiencing first hand at Steamcon II. Rather soon after the convention, I featured them in an interview that illuminated some of their fantastic work.

But the Gypsy Nomads are no more.

Please, I know it’s shocking, but before you start hyperventilating in grief, you’ll likely be pleased to know that Scott and Samantha aren’t going anywhere. They also aren’t going to stop making the music many of us have come to love.

They’re just changing their name.

The Gypsy Nomads are now Frenchy and the Punk. This name should be of little surprise to Nomad Fans as they’ve been using “Frenchy and the Punk” as a subtitle of sorts for a while now. If you want more on the decision to change their name, please check out their open letter to fans.