Slightly Steampunk: Victorian Inventions

I love my History degree. I sincerely do. When it comes to many things Steampunk, however, historical accuracy is of minimal concern to anyone. After all, there’s very little that’s punk about reenactment.

As Steampunks, history is there to inform, but to not to guide. It’s there to give us a grounding for an aesthetic, but not to make us yearn for the recreation of a time when people could be considered property, women couldn’t vote, and being LBGT meant imprisonment.

Some aspects of Victorian society, however, do play a larger and more influential role in today’s Steampunk. Themes of invention and mad science have undeniable historical roots and heavily permeate Steampunk culture and philosophy.

So much of our modern world was forged during the Victorian era. Some of the most influential inventions are featured in this  piece entitled Victorian Inventions, a part of the BBC’s series, Horrible Histories.

Horrible Histories does a great job of making our collective history laughable. Steampunks will be particularly interested in the piece on Victorian childhood, Victorian Beer, and British Things but there’s a whole wealth of historical topics set to music and mercilessly mocked that history buffs of all eras will find amusing.

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