The Starving Steampunk Foundation

Steampunk is, by in large, a culture of creators, makers, and artists. Creating takes resources, however, and for those strapped for necessary materials, the creative process becomes an expensive luxury. For those who need the create as part of their very being, economic troubles hamper the expression of their full Selves and denies the artist’s audience the delight of witnessing ideas materialize into reality.

The Starving Steampunk Foundation was created to combat this problem among Steampunks. Captain Robert wrote a wonderful post on the Foundation not too long ago that summaries it perfectly, so I’m redirecting it to you:

On February 1st, 2011, the Starving Steampunk Foundation made its debut on The Steampunk Empire ( The SSPF is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Montana, USA, to provide grants to artists and inventors of the Retro-Futurist Genre. It is run by a volunteer board of seven people from England and the United States.

The Foundation’s mission is to give artisans the chance to start or complete projects in the Genre when they may not have the capital to do so through modest grants. As is the case with many non-profit organizations, the Foundation is completely run on donations. All donations go directly toward the Foundation’s modest operating costs and the grants we provide to artists.

The Foundation is currently striving to be able to give its first grant by the end of Quarter II, 2011. Artists are encouraged to apply for grants at any time, all applications will be considered but please read the application guidelines. Donors may make a donation to the Foundation’s Paypal Account through our website,

We would like to give a special thanks to Captain Robert and Abney Park for helping us get the word out.

The Starving Steampunk Foundation

See the original post here.

To apply for funds please visit the Starving Steampunk Foundation’s website and find their online application. To make a donation, please see the Foundation’s donations page. Please consider helping a Steampunk artist in need!