Ascot Instructable

The ascot is one of those details of mens wear that goes largely disregarded by today’s fashion sensibilities, making an occasional appearance for a morning wedding or semi-formal event.

Ascots are an excellent accessory for Steampunks, however, and today I’ve found for you an Instructable on how to make your very own. Now you can have that perfectly colored ascot to finish off your latest Steampunk ensemble.

This Instructable is written by furtographer and features plans for your ascot to be reversible so you can wear the same ascot with a variety of different emsebles.

After you’ve made you ascot, learn how to tie it by visiting the Cravat Company’s instructional and visit Wikipedia for an interesting summary on the history of the cravat. To keep that ascot in place, consider making your own tie tack or purchasing one from the very talented Daniel Proulx of Catherinette Rings.