Tea Dueling

Steampunks love a good sporting event. From the North American Beard and Mustache Championships to the Chap Olympiad, we love the opportunity to display our physical prowess and abilities before awed spectators. We are a proud bunch, after all, and despite our attempts at humility and insistence to the contrary, we really do love attention.

Which is probably why, at some point, it was decided that we needed to bring competition into a favorite pastime, enjoying tea.  And thus, Tea Dueling was created.

You can read all the rules on Brass Goggles, but if you can’t be bothered to read what is something of a wall of text, you can see a duel that occurred during the Steampunk NYE 2010/2011 party in Corby below.

Tea and competition!? What more could you ask for? I think I need to start training my biscuit dunking skills so that I too might best my opponents in dueling. You had best watch out!

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  1. You should visit the American Tea Duelling Society’s page on Facebook!

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