I’ve seen some impressive modifications and sculptures of animals. From Lisa Black’s taxidermy to Mike Libby’s Insect Lab, there’s so much potential for the combination of organic and inorganic elements of Steampunk sculpture.

There’s another artist to add to that list. Tom Hardwidge who has specialized in Steampunk insect sculptures since 2010.

Arthrobots are unique Steampunk arthropod sculptures fashioned from spent ammunition, screws, wire, and watch parts. Each is hand made and the detail on each of his creations is truly impressive. Steampunk Naturalists are going to love these.

To purchase one of the works of art already on the website, or to commission your own piece, you’ll need to get in contact with Tom as there is no online store. If you happen to live in the UK, however, some sculptures are available to buy from Tom’s local gallery in Bollington, Macclesfield.