Eli August’s The Rhythm of One Place

In December, I interviewed Eli August when his new album, Let This House Burn Slowly, was released. Apparently not one to rest on his laurels, Mr. August has recently released a new EP for your enjoyment: The Rhythm of One Place.

This new EP is avaliable for digital download only and can be purchased from Eli’s online store. At $4 for five songs, it’s a great deal for some wonderful music in Eli’s signature introspective sound. Having just moved to Seattle, I must admit a bias to the song, The Smell of Rain.

If you’ve never heard any of Eli’s music before, you can listen to some of Eli’s work in the downloads section to determine if it’s within your scope of musical preference and interest. You can also Like Eli on Facebook to follow all of his adventures and stay up to date on upcoming performances and releases. If you’d rather follow him through RSS, you can do that here.

Eli also has a ton of upcoming shows at cons and parlors around the country, so do be sure to check out his schedule for upcoming shows and see if he’ll be visiting you soon.