How To Be A Retronaut

Retrofuturisum encompasses all of the major genre-punk subcultures, from Steampunk to Dieselpunk, Clockpunk, and the many other emerging groups. The act of looking back to a particular time period and bringing a modernized version of that time period into our current world is what retrofuturism’s many flavors is all about.

How To Be A Retronaut is a new blog that will capture the attentions and imaginations of retrofuturists everywhere. It’s accurately described as a visual time machine, presenting for your daily viewing pleasure old images from eras long past.

How to be a Retronaut takes some of the most interesting visual pieces from history and puts them in one remarkable spot that has already harnessed the attention of The Guardian, BBC News, and New Scientist.

Not everything on How to Be a Retronaut is going to be of interest to Steampunks, but there’s enough here to warrant frequent visits, including the occasional explicitly Steampunk topics.

Like Victorian Star Trek.

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  1. Larry says:

    I can’t be an astronaut so now I can be a retronaut! Yeah! 🙂

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