Build a Model Solar System

Science, and the fiction it inspires, plays a critical role in the formation of the philosophy and aesthetics of Steampunk. During the Victorian Era, scientific discovery and exploration of the surrounding world seemed able to explain everything. Knowledge of earth and the surrounding universe seemed just beyond the grasp of the time’s inventors, scientists, and natural philosophers.

This hunt for knowledge extended into space and sparked an international competition to discover new planets and celestial bodies. The planet Neptune was discovered by astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle on on September 23, 1846 and was the first planet discovered by mathematical prediction rather than regular observation.

Combine this history with the space operas of science fiction, and you have an excellent case for acquiring this Steamy model solar system:

If you will notice, this model reflects the very latest knowledge about our solar system and even includes the celestial bodies Ceres and Eris, so while the design is very steamy, the included bodies are up to date.

You can buy the model in bits or already intact for 399 USD (shipping and handling included) so you can either build it yourself or have it ready to display as soon as it arrives.