Steampunk Literature the World Over

Steampunk’s popularity is catching on all around the world. It’s impossible to resist our fashion, culture, and literature. Brazil came out with their first Steampunk anthology back in 2009 (you can read excerpts here if you read Portuguese).

Now the Romanians have followed with their own Steampunk anthology, Steampunk – A Doua Revolute (Steampunk – The Second Revolution) edited by Adrian Crăciun and published by Millennium Books.

The collection is comprised the following authors and their tales:

  • Prefață (Introduction) by Ștefan Ghidoveanu
  • Plimbarea de dimineață a domnișoarei Vu (The Morning Walk of Miss Vu) by Ioana Vișan
  • Cetatea Neagră (The Black Citadel) by Costi Gurgu
  • De la țigani (From the Gypsies) by George Lazăr
  • Povestea lui Calistrat Hadîmbu din Vizireni, ucis mișelește de nenicul Raul Colentina într-un han de la marginea Bucureștilor (The Story of Calistrat Hadîmbu, Meanly Murdered by Nuncle Raul Colentina in an Inn at Bucharest Outskirts) by Michael Haulică
  • Suflete de plumb (Lead Souls) by Ștefana Cristina Czeller
  • Lungul drum din cer acasă (The Long Road from Sky to Home) by Marian Truță
  • Ultima clepsidră (The Last Hourglass) by Oliviu Crâznic
  • Alchimistul (The Alchemist) by Mircea Opriță
  • Profeții despre trecut (Prophecies about the Past) by Aron Biro
  • Nostalgia revoluției (The Nostalgia of the Revolution) by Florin Pîtea

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find any information on purchasing the anthology in either Portuguese other than that it will be available some time in the Spring. I’ve also heard nothing about plans to have the collection translated into other languages. I’ll update accordingly if anything changes.

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  1. michael says:

    Thanks for mentioned it. We hope we’ll have English versions for all the stories till the end of this year.

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