Overdone Steampunk Fashions at WWWC

As people are returning home from their adventures from the Wild Wild West Convention in Old Tuscon, the commentary about the event is starting to pour in. While most of the commentary on WWWC has been largely positive, there is something about it that has apparently offended Fashion writer Niki D’Andrea of the Phoenix New Times: our Steampunk sense of fashion.

It’s true. In her article, Seven Overdone Steampunk Fashions at Wild Wild West Con, Ms. D’Andrea expresses her passionate distaste for our top hats, stripey stockings, and goggles. We’re apparently an uncreative and lazy bunch according to her refined sense of fashion. Here’s what she had to say about our steamy top hats:

Abraham Lincoln would so not wear that.

Alas! All these years I’ve spent as a Steampunk, I’ve been striving to replicate Abraham Lincoln’s wardrobe. *dies from shock of failure*

Ms. D’Andrea seems to be under the impression that Steampunk needs historical accuracy and our inability to execute Steampunk in the way she imagined it means we are all failures. Our version of historical inaccuracy is, ironically, entirely inaccurate in her mind.

Fortunately, Steampunks aren’t ones to need approval from anyone to dress as we wish. Each of Ms. D’Andrea’s Overdone Fashion Points are all popular aspects of Steampunk fashion. Saying too many Steampunks wear top hats is like saying too many punk rockers sport mohawks. It shows an apparent ignorance of the subculture and its aesthetics.

Ms. D’Andrea’s snobbery is far more unfashionable than anything anyone could have worn at WWWC.

4 comments on “Overdone Steampunk Fashions at WWWC

  1. Louise Curtis says:

    Here, here! And if you’ll permit me – huzzah!

    Louise Curtis

  2. Jennifer Nolen says:

    It’s sad how garb snobbery is spreading to what is essentially a fantasy genre.

    As I pointed out to someone who was hating on the Nerf guns at World Steam Expo: seeing 25 adults having a Nerf gun dart war and laughing and playing like kids is totally worth the price of admission. Joy trumps anything you have to say, hands down.

  3. Stephanie says:

    So glad you wrote this. I have not replied to her blog, as so many others have, as I do not give any kind of pleasure to the author for recognition when they blatantly disrespect the views, creative outlets, and entertainment of other people. But what you said is practically what I thought in my own head. And I still ask the question, as I may have walked right past her while in attendance at WWWC – just what was she wearing? She was quick to post the images and comments about others, but what of her own selected wardrobe for the event?

  4. Louise Curtis says:

    Oh dear. I was so overexcited I said “Here, here” instead of “Hear, hear!”

    It’s true though – I like it here. I was tempted to click through and make sure I utilised every single fashion she despised. . . but I was so mad I didn’t want to show up as a visitor.

    Now I’m off to write a lab scene in my steampunk novel.

    *laughs maniacally*

    Louise Curtis

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