Slightly Steampunk: Inception in 60 seconds

Last summer, the film Inception hit theaters across the nation causing an upsurge in reports of bewilderment and confusion among moviegoers. Despite this, the film has generally been well received and continues to receive favorable reviews from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

As someone who doesn’t watch a lot of television in any form, I’ve never seen the film myself (I prefer novels to film anyway), but an abbreviated version of the full length film executed in a decidedly Victorian style was brought to my attention a few days ago. The execution of the art is really impressive… I love how the dreams are shown.

This film was the result of a competition by Jameson Whiskey in Germany to shoot a remake of a film within 60 seconds. To see more entries for the Done In Sixty Seconds Competition, head over to their YouTube channel.