Steampunk Cookery

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking for friends. I love throwing together fresh ingredients to make something tasty and wonderful to share. It’s like modern alchemy.

Steampunk continues to grow and define itself as a subculture and is being incorporated into people’s lives in remarkably creative ways. Modifications abound to technology, furniture, and fashion to make them more in line with out aesthetic preferences. , the author of the blog Steampunk Cookery, suggests that food too can be Steampunk:

If you can sew a steampunk wardrobe, write a steampunk story, and create a steampunk computer… why shouldn’t you cook steampunk food?

Indeed, why not? There’s already been a Steampunk cookbook created by the community via Brass Goggles, so the concept should not be terribly foreign. After all, the culinary arts and its resulting tasty food has a powerful ability to unite people and uplift moods.

Victoria Tea Trifecta

Today’s post on Steampunk Cookery features The Victorian Tea Trifecta, a dessert that sounds positively decadent. There’s tons of Steamy recipes here, so be sure to check back often.