Ingenious Steam Machines

A few days ago, I featured a film clip of the Mythbusters trying to see if the Winans Steam Gun to see if it actually existed and was an effective weapon of war. The gun is considered to be an early conceptualization of the machine gun that would later come to dominate the battlefields of the World Wars.

Since steam driven machine guns seem to be the sort of thing that would more likely occur in Steampunk fiction rather than historical fact, I decided to see if I could dig up any other quirky steam-driven technology that has roots in reality.

Turns out steam tech went a lot further than most of us imagine. In an article entitled Ingenious Steam Machines, by Dr. Robert T. Rhode, five impressive steam powered inventions are featured:

Like this Steam-Powered Airship

Turns out we did figure out how to make an airship that ran off steam technology, the Giffard Steam Dirigible. But that’s just the beginning. To read about all the fantastic steam driven technologies, please visit the article Ingenious Steam Machines.

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  1. Hah ! I was just looking at that picture just the other night when Ashia and I were sketching out our newest ideas for our new album art work.

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