Steampunk on BBC America

A few days ago, a piece by Andy Gallacher featuring Steampunk in New York hit airwaves for BBC America. “Steampunks 2011” features the insightful narration of Dr. Grymm of Dr. Grymm Laboratories about the world of Steampunk today. Watch the full clip below!

I love this piece! It’s spot on, and everyone’s having such a wonderful time!

One comment on “Steampunk on BBC America

  1. […] Right on the heels of the Steampunk Bible comes another steamy publication that commands the attention of Steampunks everywhere.  1,000 Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art is a soon to be released book written by Dr. Grymm of Dr. Grymm Laboratories who was also also recently featured in a piece on Steampunk by the BBC. […]

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