Steampunk Sewing Patterns

In my browsing adventures for Steampunk finery, I happened upon two wonderful Steampunk sewing patterns by Simplicity.These patterns are even labeled as “Steampunk” and, thankfully, it looks like they’ve got a good grasp of the idea.

These patterns are the foundation for some positively beautiful dresses. And, as is always the case when you make your own things, you can make sure the garment fits perfectly in all the right areas in the perfect fabric and colors to your taste. Add a little modification of the the original design to make something that is truly unique.

If you liked these patterns, you can find other historically influenced designs by Simplicity here, including some from the Victorian era. There’s even a few for the gentlemen, so do take a look.

5 comments on “Steampunk Sewing Patterns

  1. Larry says:

    This is great! Tina is working on the coat in the second one but in blue rather than tan or red.

  2. Lawanda says:

    These are beautiful…Too bad my sewing talents are limited to replacing a button!

  3. Luciano says:

    Simplicity really does great historical work! If you remember some of my outfits @ Steamcon, they were all from Simplicity patterns. The men’s pants were the most work.And, I used that ’20’s driving coat as the basis for a Dr. Who coat!

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