The Great Wetherell Refractor

One of the many things I love about Steampunk is its ability to enchant. Just when I think I’ve seen the pinnacle of Steampunk ingenuity, someone else runs off to create something that floors me with its originality.

The Great Wetherell Refractor is not the first Steampunk telescope to be featured here, but it’s definitely an impressive creation both in size and Victorian functionality.

Created by Tim Wetherell, this 8″ refractor is a masterpiece in Steampunk engineering. Mr. Wetherell’s website features pictures about the telescope as well as notes the various elements and ideas that went into creating it. The way the Great Wetherell Refractor melds modern technology with Victorian aesthetics makes this an outstanding piece of Steampunk art and gadgetry.

You can read more about the Great Wetherell Refractor in the upcoming May 2011 issue of Sky and Telescope in Gary Seronik’s “Telescope Workshop” column.

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  1. Larry says:

    Very cool!

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