Lady Mechanika 1

Lady Mechanika is a Steampunk comic by Joe Benitez that began last year. The series features a half human, half-machine woman known simply as Lady Mechanika, who resides in the fictional city Mechanika in the year 1879. With no recollection of her life before her artificial limbs were attached, Lady Mechanika builds a practice as a private investigator while simultaneously trying to discover the secrets of her past.

The first prints of Lady Mechanika #0 sold out within days of its release and demanded a second print, and prints of Lady Mechanika 1 have also been enthusiastically snatched up.

In Lady Mechanika, our heroine has just landed a new case that may help unlock the secrets to her past. Reviews of the comic have been largely positive and the art is incredible, so be sure to check this one out.

Lady Mechanika is printed by Aspen Comics, a small comics publisher. While copies of the series may be available in your local comic books store, you can also buy them directly from the publisher here. There’s even signed copies and alternate covers for all you collectors out there.

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