Steampunk iPhone Speakers

I love Steampunk’s inclination to employ and celebrate recycling as part of our larger aesthetic. So many cool things have been created because someone rescued what otherwise would have been trash and re-purposed it into something beautiful and functional.

Artist Christopher Locke used old broken trumpets and assorted machine parts to create  the Analog Tele-Phonographer: a amplifier for your iPod or iPhone that demands no power source to operate.

Check out this video of the Analog Tele-Phonographer in action!

While the precise that is featured in today’s post as already been sold, Mr. Locke is hard at work on other models of his Analog Tele-Phonographer. You can purchase them as they arrive on his website. And while you are there, be sure check on the rest of his site to see more of his portfolio or get in contact with him.