Veronique Chevalier’s Music to be Broadcast in Argentina Tonight

This evening, Steampunk continues its march into the international consciousness in Argentina. Veronique Chevalier’s music played on Argentina’s “Volver de la Magia” Radio Station tonight Friday, April 22, 9 pm PST.

Tonight’s show is dedicated to the 122nd anniversary of the birth of “The Little Tramp”- beloved iconic actor/director/composer Charlie Chaplin and so this is is definitely a show not to miss. In addition to the lovely Veronique, other Steampunk musicians featured on today’s playlist include Vagabond Opera, Frenchy and the Punk (formerly the Gypsy Nomads), and other talented musicians with a retrofuturistic flair. Check out the full list here.

To listen to tonight’s show, visit  Volver de la Magia’s site and click on the logo of your listening platform of choice next to the phonograph (you’ll need to scroll down a bit to see it).

Enjoy the show!