Steampunk Iron Man

I’ve covered quite a few impressive toy and action figure modification in all my days of blogging, like the Steampunk Star Wars action figures by Sillof or Spudnik by Saritamarianyc. There seems to be near limitless opportunity for creating awesome looking Steampunk inspired toys.

Today’s post features another Steampunk modified toy, this one of the Marvel Comics superhero, Iron Man created by Jonathan Kriscak and Packrat Studios.

Be sure to visit the blog post announcing it’s listing on Ebay to see a full collection of photographs of the action figure. Bidding on this figurine unfortunately closed a few days ago, and the piece wound up selling for an impressive $570 USD. To explore and bid on other Packrat Studios creations, be sure to visit their Ebay storefront.

3 comments on “Steampunk Iron Man

  1. O.K. this is just silly awesome. It’s crazy the things people can create. While I guess I couldn’t call this a toy, I would love to have it on the shelf in my office.

  2. Very cool piece, Audelia! Thanks for the interesting post.

  3. aeflint says:

    Glad you gents like it! 🙂

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