Plushteam’s Steampunk Challenge

Etsy provides its creators the ability to join up and form Teams. These teams can be based on just about anything, from the particular craft an artist pursues to the artist’s affiliation with a particular subgroup or subculture and act as creative communities to support their members’ art. Creative communities challenge and encourage its members to grow themselves and their skills within their chosen field, and that’s a good thing for both the community and the artist.

The Etsy Plush Team is one such community that focuses on the creation of plushies in the form of dolls, animals, and a wild assortment of inanimate objects. Recently, the Plush Team did a Steampunk challenge for their members, and this is some of the things they came up with:

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You can see the entire Plush Team Steampunk challenge results here.

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  1. Very cool plush airship!

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