Tea is one of the quintessential Steampunk beverages. Any meeting between Steampunks is made infinitely better when they are brought together over well brewed cuppas. Steeping tea properly is an art which many people (myself included) usually abandon in favor of over-steeped but very strong tea.

But should you wish to get the very best out of each cup of tea, there’s a certain amount of time and a particular temperature you should permit your tea to steep before removing the tea bag or leaves.

A simple but very helpful website called Steep.It helps you brew the perfect cup each time by showing you the correct time and temperature by which to create your favorite teas. Readers from outside the US will be glad to see the temperatures for their tea listed in Celsius alongside Fahrenheit, and there’s a considerable list of different types of tea, so you’re sure to get the perfect combination of time and heat for a well steeped cup.

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2 comments on “Steep.It

  1. O.K. I’m a bona fide tea freak, but this is getting a little carried away. Is it not? I guess I’ve got to learn how to steep it right.

    • aeflint says:

      The tea connoisseurs would definitely argue that this is not overboard in the least. But I, being a tea barbarian, prefer to boil the water and keep my tea bag floating in the drink until I’m done regardless of what kind of tea I’m enjoying.

      To each their own. 🙂

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