Steam Powered Heart

After what has been an apparently miserable April in Seattle, Spring is (more or less) here, and with it comes shorter hemlines and that irresistible draw to the outdoors. Being well dressed but simultaneously well prepared for adventures can be something of a challenge for the Steampunk who wants to flaunt their steamy sensibilities and remain unburdened by cumbersome layers or a hefty dry cleaning bill.

Fortunately, Wondermark has your answer in the form of a new Steampunk t-shirt, The Steam Powered Heart.

The Steam Powered Heart T-Shirt comes in both mens and womens cuts and is one item in a very nice line of shirts, prints, and books created by Wondermark. Click here to see the full offering of goodies for sale by Wondermark at TopatoCo. 

If you find yourself enjoying the humor and wit of Wondermark, do be sure to drop by their main website for a multitude of entertaining comics for your reading pleasure.