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Back in 2005, a book called The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana by Jess Nevins was published. Within, it chronicled what was, up to that point, important aspects of Steampunk fiction before it became overwhelmingly popular a few years later. Listed in alphabetical order as a proper encyclopedia should, the book details the most outstanding aspects of “fantastic Victoriana” in fiction from Nemo to Frankenstein.

Unfortunately, however, this volume has been out of print for sometime now, and with the current resurgence and interest in Steampunk, the remaining copies of Fantastic Victoriana are going for hundreds to thousands of dollars. Case in point: the only volume up for sale on Amazon is currently running for 2,475 USD. Guys, that’s a lot of money.

If perhaps you don’t find yourself with a grand fortune to spend on experiencing this work, you’ll be happy to know that you can read much of the information presented in the encyclopedia on Jess’s website. There, you can peruse all the entries and become better versed in the characters and features of Victorian science fiction and fantasy from before Steampunk went big.

Happy reading!

3 comments on “Fantastic Victoriana Online

  1. Jess Nevins says:

    Not all the information, no. What was on the site was a first draft. What appeared in the book was the third or the fourth draft, and there was a lot added and changed between first and fourth draft.

  2. James Nelson says:

    Even so, the prices being asked for this work are absurd. In a perfect karmic world, the resurgence of interest in Steampunk would cause publishers to put the book back in circulation in an updated edition, and leave all those bloodsuckers with their copies to use as paper weights and door stops.

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