Today, I have for your viewing pleasure a short but very sweet film by , or Sabrina Cotugno, entitled Paraphernalia as part of her third year at Calarts. The film is about a young and reclusive girl whose life is suddenly and completely changed as a remarkable person and his invention crash land into her life. The Steampunk in this one is subtle but still certainly there.

Here’s the story behind the film, and how this short piece works as a prologue for a larger, more grandiose story, via Sabrina’s deviantART:

This is a slightly non-canon prologue to my Jekyll and Hyde story. Or rather, it’s part of the backstory, the part about How Rachel, the Loyalest and Most Lascivious of Maids Met Dr. Jekyll.

When Dr. Jekyll was somewhat younger, let’s say mid-twenties, he took a tour of Europe and Africa through various steampunkish means of transportation. Why? To seek out a friend he lost a long time ago, who may very well be dead….. He never finds that friend, but on the way he sees the world and has adventures and meets Miss Rachel, an anemic, twitchy recluse of a girl holed up in her house filled with dusty old treasures.

If you liked Sabrina’s work, be sure to check out her YouTube channel, her deviantART page, and her blog, Loli and Yesterday. Not everything she does is Steampunk, but her creations are beautiful and do a beautiful job of telling a compelling story in a short amount of time.